Young man with pigeons by the river

Tame and letter pigeons are beloved in many cities and are an alternative to the otherwise very popular breeding of fighting cocks. The young man cares for his pigeons by a concrete structure designed to tame the river and the colossal bodies of water that cause disasters for the poorest in the slums of cities. 

Ligao, Luzon.

The area east of the Philippines is affected by about 20 tropical hurricanes each year, making it the world's most affected area. It often causes major injuries and loss of human life, as in September 2018 when the super typhoon Mangkhut hit the island of Luzon. 

Disaster prevention local planning identifies risk factors and proposes safeguards against, for example, floods in connection with heavy typhoons. Such projects are obliged by the local and national government to take action to protect citizens.

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