Small shops and big business

The man's shop is modest and the family's laundry fills it well. The history of his scar on his stomach is unknown, but organ trafficking is big business in the Philippines. A kidney can
cost between 13.000 and 67.000 Danish kroner - a fortune for a poor family in the slum.

Ligao, Luzon. 

According to Philippine law, all citizens are entitled to treatment in a public hospital, but the country lacks trained health professionals. Seventy percent of trained health care professionals work in the private healthcare system, which only the wealthy families can afford. The majority of the population is thus left to a public health system that cannot offer adequate treatment. 

Through registrations, DIB and ALTERPLAN have identified access to health facilities in the slum and, on this basis, submitted proposals for local plans focusing on better health systems in the most vulnerable areas. 

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